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Professional Reviews:


"As we enter we see the living room of a neglected old farmhouse. It's a lovely fragmented set; the irregular tops of walls, the great jagged cracks in the plaster give a strong sense of decay -- and of threat. The furniture is wooden, old, full of character. Everything is in gently coordinated earth tones. The walls are strewn with many clocks. There's a small thrust stage below the proscenium which serves for scenes in the corn field. Set designer Andrea Standby has done a wonderful job." - KDHX, Scarecrow 2017

"Prior to this class, it had been about 35 years since I last attempted watercolor. This was a wonderful way to put the world on hold for a minute and rekindle the free-spirited joy of childhood. The instruction was fun and informative and the environment playful and supportive. Even if you don't consider yourself to be an "artist" or a "painter," you may be surprised by what you create in this class." -  David, Watercolor Student


Andrea Standby

I have spent my career dabbling in different artistic fields, making my way toward one simple message. That one message is this: through imagination, collaboration, and dedication, we can change ourselves. And through channeling our creativity to change ourselves, we can actually change the world. 

If you want in on a little secret -- it's not easy. Change is hard. It hurts, to look at the world and see everything that is wrong with yourself.

But there is some good news: You are not alone. 

If you are ready for change one step at a time -- shoot me a line.

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